BT Toyota Minimover Levio LWE130_1

The BT Minimover LWE130 is a compact powered pallet truck that provides safe, easy horizontal pallet movement in low-intensity applications. Whether transporting goods in an office, retail store, print shop or similar operation, the Minimover's light 250 kg weight, compact size and 1300 kg load capacity make it ideally suited for a wide range of uses.

The Castor wheels rotate within the truck's body profile, providing added safety for the driver and load.

The Minimover's easy to use controls, ergonomic steering and maintenance-free batteries with built-in charger are designed for operators with all levels of experience. Optional in-vehicle charging makes this electric pallet truck perfect for use on lorries, too. All Minimovers feature the unique BT Castorlink system for optimum stability.



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