• BT LHM230  Standard Lifter Pallet Truck

    This hand pallet truck is ideal for everyday use, the L-series standard LHM230 model offers a lifetime guarantee on the fork frame and a load [...]

    Price £349.00

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  • BT OEC2300 Standard Lifter Pallet Truck

    The BT OEC2300 is the universal hand pallet truck perfect for moving heavy loads in all types of applications. This tough, versatile truck has a [...]

    Price £309.00

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  • PT25 2000mm 2500Kg

    The PT25 long hand pallet trucks are heavy duty pallet trucks with long forks and high quality polyurethane wheels. The long forks are designed to [...]

    Price £845.00

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  • AC2500 Pallet Truck

    Our standard truck, 2500KG Capacity Sealed Bearings Greasing Points ComfiGrip Handle Pressure Relief Valve/Ov

    Price £229.00

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  • Double Manual Scissor Lift Tables

    Double scissor lift tables allow for a much greater lift hight compared to single lift tables. The lift tables have a heavy duty design which [...]

    Price £399.00

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  • Electric Double Scissor Tables

    These electric lift tables use 12V maintenance free battery to power a 700W motor which in turn lifts the platform. 300, 500 and 800Kgs are the [...]

    Price £1,699.00

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  • Single Manual Scissor Lift Table

    Single Manual Mobile Scissor Lift Tables with capacities ranging from 150Kg all the way up to 1500Kg. The lift tables have a heavy duty design [...]

    Price £269.00

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  • AC 2 Metre extra long pallet truck 2000KG

     AC 2 Meter extra long pallet truck. Full 2000Kg capacity. 12 months on site parts and labour warranty.

    Price £555.00

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